Foam cannons coat your automobile in a thick layer of suds, reducing the amount of time it takes to clean your car. The additional lubrication reduces the possibility of obtaining swirl stains in your paint because of washing. This article is going to provide a quick account to describe the right process for applying foam as well as how to keep it in good condition.

You will obtain more suds & your foam cannon will last longer if you follow the guidelines in this set of instructions.

Foam Cannon, Short Pressure Cleaner Gun, High Suds Car Soap, Extension Wand for washing, and Pressure Washer are the items you will require.

1: Foam Cannon

For both types of pressure cleaners including electric and gas pressure washers, a first-class foam cannon will yield thick suds. If you want to know how much soap solution is left in the container, make sure it is not opaque! Soap solution should be diluted adequately if the bottle has volume dimensions on it.

2: Short Washer Gun:

When you use a pressure washer with a foam cannon attached, it can be difficult to move around. Foam cannons can also be difficult to attach to a long washer gun. Foam cannons may easily be attached to these short weapons, making it simple to shower foam on cars’ roofs. These things do make a difference.

3: Extension Wand:

Having these wands on hand is a necessity when it comes to cleaning autos. With a short pressure cleaner, these are important. After washing, they make it simple to rinse the vehicles and the tilted wand makes it easier to wash the roofs.

4: Car Soap:

Perhaps the trickiest part of getting nice foam is this. To get the best results, dilute your auto soap according to the type of vehicle you have. A rigorous, pH-neutral, & foam-producing vehicle soap is what you want. Start with 200 mL (6.5 oz) of hot tap water diluted to 800 mL (27 oz).

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How much soap to consume?

The type and quantity of soap you employ is the most significant aspect in creating a thick foam. To get the most of your foam cannon, you can use several vehicle soaps that are readily available on the market. To clean your car, use simply car soap (obviously). You must use a high-sudsing & highly rigorous vehicle soap if you want dense foam from your foam cannon.

To get the thick shaving cream-like consistency that everyone craves, do not dilute vehicle soaps! To get the best results, fill the bottle with warm water and then add about 6-7oz (200 mL).

Add extra soap or use a concentrated vehicle soap if employed foam cannon is still producing watery foam. The soap should be completely mixed in the bottle & not cling to the bottom at all times. Trial with available soap & foam cannon to figure out the right amount of hot water to use with your car soap.

Which Pressure Cleaner?

It is also critical what kind of pressure washer you use. There is a higher flow rate and greater pressure output with gas-powered pressure washers. Your pressure washer’s GPM (gallons per minute) should be checked. A GPM of at least 1.75 & a PSI of at least 1900 is recommended for electric pressure washers.


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