Pressure washer attachments play a vital role in enhancing the cleaning efficiency of the machine. So you should choose the best attachments according to cleaning requirements to avoid any inconvenience while operating the machine.

You must use appropriate attachments to get the best cleaning results from a pressure washer. Using appropriate pressure washer attachement makes your cleaning experience efficient and enjoyable. There are several different types of pressure washer attachments that we can use to tune our experience as expected.

This article will learn about the uses and benefits of power washer nozzles used for various cleaning purposes.

So let’s jump into the article to look deep inside the pressure washer nozzle’s usefulness.

Uses & Types Of Pressure Washer Attachments


Giraffe Tools pressure washers have six types of nozzles which you can utilize for various cleaning purposes.

i. 0 Degree Nozzle 

Zero-Degree nozzle uses a powerful water stream that exerts a focused pressure on small surface areas. The zero-Degree nozzle is used daily in metal cleaning applications as this nozzle aids in metal oxidation and rust removal.

You can easily remove persistent mud on a heavy-duty machine with a zero-degree tip. You can also remove the tough stains, grease, and oil that got stuck on the various surface in your house. Zero degrees nozzle is also used in cleaning hard surfaces like concrete, ramps, and roads, which is no ordinary job.

ii. 15 Degree Nozzle

Paint stains that are very sticky on surfaces like metal, wood, and concrete can be removed by utilizing a fifteen-degree nozzle on your pressure washer. You can also clean the grits on the stonework or sidewalk in your home from this nozzle.

This nozzle is also used to quickly get rid of marine life effortlessly as marine life creates hurdles in the normal functioning of oceanic infrastructure and machinery. Like a 0-degree nozzle, a fifteen-degree nozzle also supports cleaning oxidized and rusted metals.

iii. 25 Degree Nozzle

A 25-degree nozzle is very different from 0 Degree nozzle and a 15-degree nozzle. A 25-degree nozzle throws a wide and short spray of water.

This nozzle is commonly used in house cleaning as it is compelling and efficient. This nozzle cleans dirt, grime, and mud in ramps and garages. This nozzle is very helpful in cleaning places that are hard to reach, like roofs, etc.

iv. 45 Degree Nozzle

A 40-degree nozzle is different from 0, 15, and 25-degree nozzles as it doesn’t focus on hardcore cleaning. This nozzle has a very widespread water spray. A 45-degree nozzle is ideal for cleaning automobiles such as car motorcycles as it is very efficient, economical, effortless, and time forgiving.

v. 65 Degree Nozzle 

A 65-degree nozzle is the least potent nozzle. It throws a comprehensive stream of water or any given fluid covering broad surface areas. Its function is to spray detergents, chemicals, disinfectants, etc.

vi. Turbo Nozzle 

A Turbo nozzle is a hybrid nozzle system. Turbo nozzle is a combination of 0 degrees and 25 degrees nozzle. A turbo nozzle rotates at a very high speed while spraying from both nozzles creating a unique spray pattern.

These nozzles play a vital role in the cleaning process with pressure washer so if you are considering getting one, read the purposes and benefits of these nozzles in this article above.


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